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Physical Commodities
Concentrate Offtake
Precious Metal Streaming

One of our core businesses is physical trading and managing the related logistics.  Our strong technical skills and industry and trading experience enhance our ability to secure copper-lead-zinc and precious metals concentrates for sale to international metal smelters in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.  We contract for copper-gold and base-metal concentrates with variable specification and can blend product streams to match smelter requirements.

We can assist your business at the DFS, FEED or early construction or production expansion stages with finance which bridges the gap between equity and more conventional term project finance. We seek long term offtake relationship where projects are at an advanced permitting stage and particularly where there is potential to enhance the resource base of the opportunity.

In addition, for concentrate streams which have a precious metals component, we can split the flow and generate a precious metals derivative which can further enhance the project finance capability of the sponsor company.

Cmi Capital can be your long term offtake partner   –  speak with us about your financing requirements.