Diversity of copper and gold deposits in the Eastern Europe Balkan, Carpathian and Rhodopean belts: tectonic, magmatic and geochronological investigations


 Presenter Title Affiliation

Regional Geology

Stefan Schmid Correlation of tectonic units from the Alps to Western Turkey ETH Zurich
Ioan Seghedi Miocene-Quaternary basalts from East Carpathian volcanic chain, Romania: a mineral chemistry and melt inclusion study Institute of Geodynamics of Romanian Academy, Bucharest
Sibila Borojevic Sostaric Oligocene shoshonitic rocks of the Rogozna Mts. (Central Balkan Peninsula): evidence of petrogenetic links to the formation of Pb-Zn-Ag ore deposits Faculty of Mining Geology, Zagreb
Branislav Trivic New data from Saska-Gornjak unit used to distinct different brittle tectonic events along the western boundary of the East Serbian Carpatho-Balkanides Faculty of Mining and Geology, Belgrade
Kristina Saric New LA-ICP-MS U/Pb zircon data on various granitoids from the European side of the Tethyan Mesozoic suture Faculty of Mining and Geology, Belgrade


Joshua Barcikowski Magmatic evolution of the Buchim-Damjan-Borov Dol ore district – Petrology-geochemistry ETH Zurich
Stephan Lehmann Magmatic evolution of the Buchim-Damjan-Borov Dol ore district- Geochronology-source material ETH Zurich
Milorad Antic More than 500 Ma of magmatic and tectonic evolution of the Serbo-Macedonian Massif (south Serbia, southwest Bulgaria and east Macedonia) University of Basel
Stela Atanasova Magma Interaction Recorded in Amphiboles from Vitosha pluton, Western Srednogorie, Bulgaria BAS, Geological Institute, Sofia
Petyo Filipov Preliminary Data on the Age and Geochemistry of Mesta Volcanic Complex and Central Pirin Pluton BAS, Geological Institute, Sofia
Stoyan Georgiev Transect trough the Cenozoic magmatism in WSW Bulgaria and Macedonia from Pirin Mountain to Kozhuf: temporal and isotope-geochemistry constraints BAS, Geological Institute, Sofia
Irena Peytcheva Timing and Sr-Nd-Hf constraints on the oldest Cenozoic magmatism in W Bulgaria, Kraishte BAS, Geological Institute, Sofia
Peter Marchev Time and compositional evolution of the Upper Cretaceous to Miocene magmatism in South Bulgaria and North Greece: Implications for the Late Alpine geodynamic evolution of the Balkan Peninsula. BAS, Geological Institute, Sofia
Valentin Grozdev U-Pb zircon dating and zircon population analyses of the Paleogene magmatic rocks in Kyustendil and Kratovo area. BAS, Geological Institute, Sofia

Regional Metallogeny

Daniela Gallhofer Geodynamics, geochronology and Cu-Au hydrothermal ore provinces in the Banat region and Apuseni mountains ETH Zurich, IGP
Todor Serafimovski Major Alpine ore districts at the territory of the Republic of Macedonia University “Goce Delcev”-Stip
Alexsandar Pacevski Skarn mineralizations in the Bor ore district: new evidence from study of bornite-chalcopyrite-hematite paragenesis Faculty of Mining and Geology, Belgrade

Environmental Geology

Lazar Gjorgiev Technogenous deposits and their environmental impact around the Buchim Mine University “Goce Delcev”-Stip

Deposit Studies

Aneta Donkova-Petrushova Au-Ag tellurides and other mineral associations in the Ilovitza Cu-Au deposit University “Goce Delcev”-Stip
Dobriela Rogožareva Some typical hydrothermal alterations in the Ilovitza Cu-deposit University “Goce Delcev”-Stip
Elitsa Stefanova Ilovitsa porphyry Cu-Au deposit: sequence of vein formation and sulfide deposition BAS, Geological Institute, Sofia
Zlatko Peltekovski Principle metallogenic features of the Sasa Pb-Zn deposit, Republic of Macedonia University “Goce Delcev”-Stip
Goran Tasev New data of fluid inclusions study of the Kadiica deposit, Republic of Macedonia University “Goce Delcev”-Stip
Rossitza Vassileva As-bearing pyrite-marcasite intergrowths from the Pb-Zn Erma Reka deposit, South Bulgaria or “Minor and trace element content of sulphides from the Madan polymetallic deposits: a LA-ICP-MS study BAS, Geological Institute, Sofia
Atanas Hikov Rare earth element mobility during advanced argillic alteration in Assarel porphyry copper deposit, Central Srednogorie, Bulgaria Elatsite Mine
Silvina Georgieva Mineralogy of hydrothermal alteration in Chelopech Cu-Au deposit BAS, Geological Institute, Sofia
Violeta Stefanova Placer gold prospecting around the Tertiary occurences in the Republic of Macedonia University “Goce Delcev”-Stip