Advances in Regional Geological and Metallogenic Studies in the Carpathians, Balkans, Rhodope Massif and Caucasus (Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria and Georgia)


Author/Presenter (s) Topic
Miodrag Banjesevic,  Vladica Cvetkovic, Albrecht von Quadt and Irena Peytcheva Stratigraphy and age of the Timok Magmatic Complex, Serbia
Vladica Cvetkovic, Miodrag Banjesevic,  Albrecht von Quadt and Irena Peytcheva Did the Timok Magmatic Complex, East Serbia, originate by Late Cretaceous subduction? A petrological and geochemical perspective
Rade Jelenkovic Metallic mineral deposits of the Bor metallogenic zone., Republic of Serbia
Ljubomir Cvetkovic and Aleksandar Pacevski Occurrence of colusite group minerals in the deposits of  Bor District, Serbia
Aleksandar Pacevski, Ljubomir Cvetkovic and Perisa Zivkovic Mineralogy of the Coka Marin polymetallic deposit, Bor ore district, Serbia
Fethi Benkhelfa and Robert Moritz Geological setting, lithogeochemistry, and hydrothermal alteration in the Crni Vrh licence area, Late Cretaceous Timok belt, Eastern Serbia
Branislav Trivic and Dujan Jelic Structural and tectonic features in the western part of the Carpatho-Balkanides: Evidence from paleostress analysis of Ravanica area, Serbia
Petar Stejic, Rodoljub Gajic, Divna Jovanovic and Darivojka Ljubovic-Obradovic New aspects of the relation between older nappes (metamorphic rocks and “flysch” sediments) and Neogene cover beds (incl. Quaternary) in Eastern Serbia
Irena Peytcheva, Albrecht von Quadt, Kalin Naydenov, Stoyan Sarov, Emilia Voinova and Dimo Dimov Evolution of the Cretaceous magmatism from the Srednogorie zone to the Rhodopes, Bulgaria
Lora Bidzhova, Rossen Nedialkov, Albrecht von Quadt and Svetoslav Georgiev Geochemistry and Sr isotopy of the magmatic rocks of the Plana pluton, Bulgaria
Stela Atanasova-Vladinirova, Albrecht von Quadt, Kalin Kouzmanov, Irena Peytcheva and B. Mavrudchiev Mineralogy of rock-forming minerals in Vitosha pluton, Western Srednogorie, Bulgaria
Stanislav Stoykov, Strashimir Strashimirov, Robert Moritz, Dimitur Dimitrov and Jivko Todorov Mineral composition of the Late Cretaceous Breznik-Bardoto gold epithermal ore occurrence, Western Srednogorie belt, Bulgaria
Albrecht von Quadt Correlation of the Upper Cretaceous magmatism and the related Cu-Au mineralization in Bulgaria and Serbia: the status quo
Elitsa Stefanova, Zoltán Zajacz, Thomas Driesner and Paraskev Petrov Magmatic to hydrothermal transition at the Elatsite porphyry Cu-Au-(PGE) deposit, Srednogorie zone, Bulgaria
Nikolay Petrov and Kamelia Nedkova Tectonic and structural controls on intrusion-related deposits (Elatsite and Prveshka Lakavica) in the northern part of Sredna Gora zone, Bulgaria
Emilian Rosu, Marcel Guillong, Christoph A. Heinrich, Thomas Pettke, Paul Ivascanu and Caroline R. Harris The magmatic sulfide inclusions in some intrusions from the Metaliferi Mountains, Romania (preliminary data)
Rusudan Chagelishvili Petrogenesis of the Hercynian Rkvia-Beretisa intrusion, Dzirula Massif, Georgia
Vladimir Gugushvili, Nino Popkhadze, Tamar Beridze and Rusudan Chagelishvili The place of the Bolnisi ore district, Georgia in the Tethyan-Eurasian metallogenic belt and peculiarities of its mineralization.
Nino Popkhadze, Robert Moritz  and Vladimir Gugushvili The Bolnisi mining district, southern Georgia: present knowledge and open questions about volcanism, geodynamics and ore formation
Tamara Beridze, Viktor Alania, S. Khutsishvili, Nino Popkhadze and Rusudan Chagelishvili The Uraveli sequence: implication for basin formation during the Middle-Upper Eocene, Achara-Trialeti basin, Georgia
Svetoslav Georgiev, Albrecht von Quadt, Irena Peytcheva and Peter Marchev Geochemistry and geochronology of the Eastern Srednogorie zone, Bulgaria
Rossen Nedialkov , Robert Moritz and Denis Fontignie Petrology of the Zidarovo magmatic centre, Eastern Bulgaria and the ore generating capability of the magmatism
Peter Marchev, Svetoslav Georgiev, Zoltán Zajacz, Simone Tomassini, Piero Manetti and Albrecht von Quadt High-K ankaramitic and hgh-Al magmas in the Eastern Srednogorie continental arc, Bulgaria: Comparison between melt inclusion geochemistry and lavas
Petrov Paraskev Morphological features and genesis of fluid inclusions in quartz crystals from the chamber pegmatites of Upper Cretaceous monzonites, eastern Bulgaria
Rossen Nedialkov, B. Kamenov, B. Mavroudchiev, E. Tarassova and M. Popov Evolution of the Malko Tarnovo plutonism and its significance for the formation of the ore deposits in the region, Bulgaria
Robert Moritz, Istvan Marton, Isabelle Chambefort, Cécile Noverraz, Peter Marchev, Rumen Petrunov, Richard Spikings and Nikolay Bonev Diversity of epithermal gold ore formation events in southeastern Europe: a record of a protracted 60 m.y.-long geodynamic and metallogenic evolution of the Tethyan arc
Peter Kibarov, Peter Marchev, Maria Ovtcharova, Raya Raicheva and Robert Moritz Petrology and geochronology of Iran Tepe volcano, Eastern Rhodopes, Bulgaria: Age relationship with the Ada Tepe gold deposit (preliminary data)
Nikolay Bonev , Kaloyan Peychev and Robert Moritz Ductile and brittle structures, and kinematics related to crustal extension in Central Byala Reka Dome, eastern Rhodopes, Bulgaria
Raya Raicheva, Peter Marchev, Robert Moritz, Denis Fontignie and Hilary Downes Compositional evolution of the Oligocene Zvezdel volcano, Eastern Rhodopes, Bulgaria
Stoyan Sarov, Kalin Naydenov, Nikolay Petrov, Emilia Voynova and Krastina Kolcheva Lithology and Structural Features of the Trakia Unit, South Bulgaria
Kalin Naydenov, Emilia Voynova, Nikolay Petrov, Stoyan Sarov and Krastina Kolcheva Strike-slip deformation in the Trakia Unit along the Maritsa shear zone, northern border of the Rhodope Massif, southern Bulgaria
Dimitar Dimitrov Low sulphidation ‘non-magmatic’ epithermal Au-Ag deposits of the eastern Rhodopes mountains, Bulgaria
Sabina Strmic Palinkas, Sibila Borojevic Sostaric, Milica Veselinovic Williams, Vladica
Cvetkovic, Ladislav Palinkas, Andy Rankin and Peter Treloar
Ore-forming fluids associated with Pb-Zn-Ag-sulfide mineralization at Rogozna and in the South Kopaonik mineral belt