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‘I know the price of success: dedication, hard work, and an unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen....’  Frank Lloyd Wright

'None can keep you from success except yourself....' Deshun Wang
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Welcome to Cmi Capital

Cmi Capital has been a resource sector investor and deal originator in the natural resources sector (metals and energy) since 1994.  With some exceptions, we have remained steadfast to our core focus.  Cmi Capital has invested in projects in a diverse range of countries from Australia to SE Europe and SE and North Asia, Australia and Africa.  We seek to leverage exceptional regional technical knowledge to generate unique sector opportunities.  We invest heavily in expanding our proprietary knowledge base and work with our partners to leverage this into market driven portfolios which over time grow in value.  Our ultimate objective is to secure significant positions in startup corporations in the sector (and elsewhere as the opportunities arise) which grow through development and production.  As the sector recovers from recent soft commodity prices Cmi Capital is exceptionally well positioned to benefit from a re-pricing of the sector. 

Who We Are & What We Do

We develop unique regional technical understanding and combine that with regional presence and political capability to increase portfolio value and reduce risk. We have held major positions in resource sector companies operating in Australia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Mongolia, Macedonia, Africa and more recently SE Asia. Cmi Capital is building a significant portfolio of energy and metal startups in SE Asia working strongly with local partners. We do commercialize our regional technical synthesizes on a proprietary basis, licensing data to select partners in whom we hold equity positions or anticipate that we will in the future.

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Are You Ready to Enjoy?

Come along with us. Catch up with our activities as they evolve on our Blog and on Twitter. At strategic points in the life cycle of our asset portfolio we do seek financing partners, come along with us in the event that you have the capacity and legal qualification to so invest. With the resource sector recovering from a long period of soft prices now is the time to build value in your portfolio with resource sector product.

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